The Company of Light was a group formed by Queen Marion and King Oritel of sparks in order to protect their world Domino in face of the attack from the Ancestral Witches.


Former membersEdit

New membersEdit

Season ThreeEdit

In season three, Faragonda reveals that a group called the Company of Light had battled the Ancestral Witches.

Secret of the Lost KingdomEdit

Another member of the company is revealed and is the catalyst for the movie: the sword smith Hagen . The group disbanded after Mariam and Oritel were lost when the Three Ancient Witches attacked Sparks but it was called back into action (minus Hagen) when Valtor broke out of the Omega Dimension . It is also possible that during the destruction of Domino they also had to fight Mandragora , since members of the Company seem to know her, just as she also appears to know them, namely Faragonda and Hagen. When the movie the Secret of the Lost Kingdom concluded, it is stated that a new Company of Light had been formed: the Winx Club.

Magical AdventureEdit

It is mentioned by Sky that prior to the attack of the Ancestral Witches that his father, Erendor, then King of Eraklyon, was allied to the Company of Light, before betraying them when the Ancestresses threatened him of destroying his kingdom if he helped Oritel. The Ancestresses then gave him a magical object which would protect Eraklyon from evil to conclude their deal, and Erendor did not do anything to help defend sparks. later causing him a lot of grief.