King Erendor

Voiced by

Stoney Emshwiller (Nickelodeon)





First Appearance

Episode 017


Sky (son)

King Erendor is the king of Eraklyon and Sky's father.


Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

It seems that he was not really in bad terms with Oritel at some extent even before making up for his betrayal since he can be seen dancing in the end of Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom at the celebrations of spark's rebirth.

Magical Adventure

In the second movie, Winx Club 3D:Magical Adventure, it is revealed that Erendor is tortured by his guilt for a mistake he made years earlier: before the destruction of sparks he was the friend of Oritel, Bloom's birth father, and an ally of the Company of Light, and he promised Oritel that he would protect sparks from the Ancestresses until the Company of Light return. But he betrayed them when the Ancestral Witches destroyed the most magnificent city of Eraklyon, Havram, and told him that they would spare the rest of Eraklyon if he let them destroy sparks. Having no other choice, he made a deal with the witches according to which he decided not to help his friend and in exchange, they gave him a magical hourglass containing pollen from the Tree of Life which would protect Eraklyon from Evil. Since then the City of Havram in Eraklyon has been full of wandering shadows. He later regretted this bitterly and destroy the hourglass at Havram by throwing in on the ground but while the hourglass itself was broken the pollen it contained gave birth to a sapling of the Tree of Life. In the end of the movie, he made up for his betrayal of sparks by protecting Bloom from one of Belladone's attacks. Doing so nearly cost him his life, but his sacrifice and Oritel's selflessness during the battle with the Trix and the Ancestresses helped restore the Good Magic again after the Good Magic freed from the sapling begun to fade away since sacrifice and selflessness were two sources of good Magic. In the end he reconciled with Oritel and happily accepted his son's decision to marry Oritel's daughter. [[category=royal families