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The Winx in their Harmonix form.

Harmonix is a sub-transformation rather than a full transformation. Enchantix is considered a full transformation. Harmonix is the transformation before Sirenix


This sub power is not supposed to be earned by acheiving a certain accomplishment. It is given by thier sirenix guardians when completing the quest for finding the magical creature that supossevely looks like a uniconrn with rainbow colored hair.

It only shows itself to ones this creature accepts it's wisdom.


A mini dress. they have a  tail behind thier dresses to resemble aquatic and ocean-like looks. Thier hair looks somelike Princess Jasmines hair from  Disney Princess, only with a fewer hairties.(or a lot fewer than you can imagine). they wear high heels with ribbon straps that come up to thier knees. Some wear seashell hair-pieces that also resemble the ocean. If you have noticed, thier skirts look like seashells. So do their wings.

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