The Ring of Solaria (also known as the Sword Ring or the Sword of Power) is a magic ring that belongs to Stella. It can be turned into a scepter that Stella usually uses to help cast spells, or teleport herself and other people to a certain place.


The ring was sculpted so long ago that no one remembers when. It was carved out of a stone which had been immersed in the Spring of Light, which still floats in the Universe, and which was created by the Dragon Flame at the beginning of the Universe. (this is why the Trix thought the Dragon Flame was in the scepter/ring.) It has been handed down through the generations in the royal family of Solaria.


  • In the Nickelodeon version of the series, the Ring and the Scepter underwent a major redesign. It is now a large orb with small orange orbs.