Save the First Dance
Season 1, Episode 3
Episode Information
Production Code 103
4Kids Title Save the First Dance
Air Date 3 July 2004 (4Kids)
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More Than High School
The Voice of Nature
Save the First Dance is the third episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by More Than High School and followed by The Voice of Nature.


One of the Alfea professors, a leprechaun named Wizgiz, teaches the class about metamorphosis, and demonstrates by turning into Griselda. Only Bloom can't change her hair color.

There will be a back to school dance. Griffin, the headmistress of Cloud Tower, gives the witches a school competition to sabotage the dance. She decides that the Trix's suggestion for what to do is most despicable, so she chooses them for the job.

After picking out a dress for the dance, Bloom falls in love with Brandon. While searching for a pair of scissors, Bloom discovers and narrowly avoids the Trix, who find a chest full of enchanted eggs and curse them so they will hatch into snake rats that will hatch, bite the fairies, and make them throw up.

At the dance, Brandon wants to dance with Bloom, who tells Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna about the Trix's plan. Together, the five break the spell on the eggs. Sky gives Stella an egg, and Flora casts a spell on it so the Trix will seek what they want (Stella's scepter, which is currently in the form of a ring) but instead get what they hate, which will hatch from the egg, which will be put in the chest containing Stella's ring.

The Trix cast a spell to call the ring to them, and it summons the egg. Bloom goes after it and catches it. It is mentioned that Musa is the princess of her realm. The Trix attack Bloom, and have her hanging from a cliff. Icy says Bloom has no Winx at all, but Bloom says that she does, and suddenly transforms into a fairy form. She faces the Trix, but Icy gains the upper hand and nearly freezes Bloom. The Trix teleport away with the egg. Inside the egg, they find a duck, which they hate.

When Bloom returns to the dance, she dances with Brandon.


  • First appearance of Griffin
  • Bloom transforms into her Winx form for the first time
  • Peppy, the duck, is now stalking Icy