Secret Guardian
Season 1, Episode 6
Episode Information
Production Code 106
4Kids Title Secret Guardian
Air Date 24 July 2004 (4Kids)
Episode guide
Date with Disaster
Secret Guardian is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by Date with Disaster and followed by Grounded.


The Trix intend to unlock the power of the Great Dragon, which they believe is inside Stella's ring/scepter, but the spells they cast on it don't work.

The Winx discover that the ring was created through starlight, the most pure form of magic, and the magic that created the Great Dragon, a legendary creature that is said to have created the magical dimension. Faragonda tells Bloom about the Great Dragon, that she was created from a solar explosion, and created the magical worlds before setting up her home on the planet Sparks, center of the magical dimension. The Great Dragon became one with Sparks, but the three Ancient Witches destroyed Sparks in their quest for the dragon fire.

The Winx go to Cloud Tower to get Stella's ring back, since she is mostly powerless without it. When Knut is sweeping the area, the ring ends up in a pile of dust, where the Winx find it. However, at Bloom's suggestion they enter the book chamber to find the only other existing book about the Great Dragon. When she opens the book, Griffin discovers them. Bloom finds a book about her, which turns out to be a trap by Griffin. As the Winx try to escape, Griffin makes the door disappear. The Winx transform and blast the door open, only to run into an illusion tunnel where they are attacked by giant spiders that can kill with one bite. They are immune to the Winx's fire shield, but Flora summons a monster that eats some of the spiders and kills the rest.

What's left of the spiders turns to slime and forms the Slob Monster, who chases the Winx, before they blast him with magic and destroy him. Entering the ballroom, they are attacked by a Puncture Beetle. Stella destroys him with Sun Burst, but this sets the ballroom on fire, which threatens to kill the Winx. Then Bloom hears a voice, who says she used to watch over her, and guides her to a tunnel that they slide down into an underground cave.

Upon return to Alfea, the Winx run into Griselda, who takes them to Faragonda. Both are furious that they went to Cloud Tower. Although Faragonda asks for an explanation, Griselda won't let them give any, and Faragonda takes away their power as punishment. Not only will it be annoying to be unable to use magic for a week, but now the Winx can't defend themselves if the Trix attack again.


  • The history of Sparks is revealed
  • Stella gets her ring back
  • Faragonda suspends the Winx's powers