The Day of the Rose
Season 1, Episode 8
Episode Information
Production Code 108
4Kids Title The Day of the Rose
Air Date 7 August 2004 (4Kids)
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The Day of the Rose is the eighth episode of Season 1 of Winx Club. It was preceded by Grounded and followed by Spelled.


In her dream, Bloom hears the same voice from Cloud Tower asking her to find her, saying that she will when she (Bloom) finds herself. When Bloom wakes up, Flora tells her that it is the Day of the Rose, where people celebrate their parents. Almost everyone goes home for this day, Wizgiz intending to play a joke on her mother by turning into a Basilisk. Bloom, Stella, and Musa are staying at Alfea because Bloom didn't know about the event, Stella's parents are getting a divorce, and Musa's mother died when she was young while she says her father is on a hip hop tour. Stella and Musa haven't told the others this before. Stella receives a text from Sky to go to the dance.

Reading Faragonda's letter of complaint, Griffin is angry at the Trix, but for making fools of themselves, releasing "third-rate beasts" and being defeated by "pixies", and wants them to sabotage Alfea.

Riven is still being negative all the time, but Musa is in love with him. Brandon, Sky, and Riven will be racing. Bloom eventually gets tired of Riven's attitude, calling him conceited, cocky, and boring, and pours water on him. Riven runs off in a rage.

The Trix decide to play Riven against Bloom to cause some havoc. Darcy hopes he'll go over to their side, because she is crushing on him. Icy turns Knut into Timmy and has him give Bloom a helmet to give to Riven as a peace offering. Icy plans to cast a spell on the helmet to make it malfunction. After Bloom gives Riven the helmet and tells Stella that Timmy gave it to her, Stella says Timmy isn't even in the same galaxy at the moment. Bloom notices the Trix watching, and races with Stella to stop their evil plan, and transform. Darcy sabotages the other racers, and as Bloom tries to get to Riven, his cursed helmet causes him to crash. Darcy catches him and casts a spell to make him fall in love with her. Riven accuses Bloom of sabotaging him so Brandon would win, and is furious when the others believe Bloom over him. Riven leaves with Darcy to transfer to a different school. Bloom, Stella, Brandon, and Sky know that the Trix aren't just after Riven, but all of them.


  • It's revealed Stella's parents are divorced, and Musa's mother is dead
  • Riven is now under Darcy's spell