Vanessa is Bloom's adoptive mother and the wife of Mike. She deeply loves Bloom and supports her with whatever she tries to pursue. When the girls arrive in Season 4 to stay temporarily, Vanessa happily allowed them to. She is cheerful and very optimistic. She always sees the bright side of things. She is very sweet. She is voiced by Kayzie Rogers,


Vanessa wears blue overalls with a white shirt underneath. She wears a yellow apron decorated with green apples around her waist and a silver/light blue necklace. Her shoes are brown wedges with two white sandal straps.


She is a florist and runs her own flower shop.


Season 1

In season one, Vanessa is portrayed as a supportive mother. She encourages Bloom to do her best in the world of magic and is always there when Bloom needs to get away, as shown when Bloom left Magix after the Day of the Royals at Red Fountain.

In the episode she is almost cheated out of her flower shop business by the bonners.

Season 2

Vanessa is first seen in an episode, in which bloom, stella, layla, musa and the pixies go to Earth. Bloom wanted to speak with Vanessa about the upcoming trial against the bonners who set her shop on fire and about her birth parents.

Season 3

Vanessa is seen in an episode when Bloom returns to gardenia after her rough experience with Sky, who after announcing Diaspro was the one he loved, forbid the Winx to come near him. Stella then hears of Sky and Diaspro's engagement, and teleports into Bloom's house to warn her, and eventually, Stella and Vanessa eventually persuade Bloom to go with Stella back to Magix.

Season 4

she and mike let the winx stay there

season 5-6

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