The Water Stars are ancient artifacts that are the elemental opposite of the Dragon Flame and the only thing that can extinguish it.


The Water Stars were created at the same time the Great Dragon was born. Because their power is the natural opposite of the Dragon Flame, they cannot exist in the same dimension as the two powers would clash and cause chaos throughout the entire dimension. To prevent a catastrophe, a group of ancient wizards came together to gather them and seal them away. The Water Stars have remained in the Golden Kingdom ever since, where they were guarded by Arcadia, the first fairy in existence.

When Valtor broke out of the Omega Dimension, the Winx Club and the Specialists went to the Golden Kingdom to obtain the Water Stars. Tecna, Stella, and Musa went through the Crystal Labyrinth to get them. After the Water Stars were obtained, they were used when Valtor attacked Alfea. They were used again to reveal where Cloud Tower stood, and using them brought back the school for witches. They were used once more in the second-to-last battle with Valtor. For a brief time he turned the Water Stars against the Winx Club, nearly defeating Bloom. The current whereabouts of the Water Stars is unknown, but it can be assumed that they were returned to the Golden Kingdom after Valtor's defeat.


  • As its elemental opposite, the Water Stars are the only power able to extinguish the Dragon Flame.
  • Only a keeper of the Dragon Flame can activate the Water Stars.
  • The power of the Water Stars is however not similar to Lord Darkar's power because, though both powers are opposites to the Dragon Fire, both the power of the Water Stars and that of the Dragon are neutral with respect to each other and they both generate energy, while Lord Darkar's power is Evil with respect to the Dragon Fire and it absorbs energy.


  • The appearance of the Water Stars the Winx received seems to have been inspired by the powers and outfits of the six fairies, each being inspired from one member.