Windigo Willow is an evil tree who serves as the true antagonist of the episode Junior League.

The Windigo Willow is a red tree who put the giant turtle of Black Mud Swamp under its spell. Under its influence, the turtle prevented the Undines from getting food, and at one point ate Musa, who was rescued by Bloom. The Windigo Willow used a type of gas to make anyone who goes near it fall asleep. However, Tecna was able to counter this and wake the others up by using a barrier and extracting the sleeping gas from it. Bloom attempted to burn the Windigo Willow, but it was fireproof. But with Bloom using her fire magic on its roots, Flora cast a spell to burn the Willow from the inside, then cast another spell to destroy it, releasing the turtle from its control.


  • The name "Windigo" is derived from the word "wendigo", which is a type of monster. Wingidos are also a type of monster in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.